Since We Have Fallen – Digitalis Recordings 2002 (CD/Digital) *

Hush Arbors- Digitalis Recordings 2002 (CD/Digital)*

Under Bent Limb Trees – Digitalis Recording 2003 (CD/Digital)*

If There Be Spirits, Let Them Come – Foxglove 2004 (CD Ep)*

Hush Arbors/North Sea – Foxglove 2004 (Split CD)*

Death Calligraphy – MYMWL 2005 (CD Ep )*

Hush Arbors/ North Sea/ Terracid- Barl Fire 2005 (Split CD)*

Cleaning The Bone- 267 Lattajjaa 2005 (CD Ep)*

Hush Arbors/North Sea – Digitalis 2005 (Split CD)*

Since We Have Fallen (reissue) – Harvest Recordings 2005 (LP)*

Landscape of Bone – 3Lobed 2006 (CD/Digital)*

Live at the Pilot Light- Self Released 2006 (CD)*

Live in Sheffield – Blackest Rainbow 2007 (CD)

Under Bent Limb Trees (reissue) 2007 (Double CD)*

Hush Arbors/ Voice of the Seven Woods- Great Pop Supplement 2007 (Split LP)

Hush Arbors/ Wooden Wand- Great Pop Supplement 2007 (Split LP)

Hush Arbors/ Jerusalem and the Starbaskets – GPS 2007 (Split LP)

Row Life- FIT 2007 (Cass)

Hush Arbors (S/T) – Ecstatic Peace! 2008 (CD)

Live at the Heeley Institute- Blackest Rainbow 2008 (CD)

​Live in Berlin- Self Released 2008 (CD)

Yankee Reality – Ecstatic Peace 2009 (CD/Digital)

Alive- Blackest Raindow 2011 (2XLP)

Hush Arbors/ Key Demo- 3 Lobed 2011 (Split LP)

Nothing Else – Self Released 2011 (Single/Digital) 

Hush Arbors/ Arboretum “Aureola – Thrill Jockey 2012 (Split LP/CD)

2 Of Us Riding Nowhere- New Atlantis 2012 (Cass/Digital)

Much Older I Arrive- Self Released – 2013 (CD/Digital)

Gualala Blues- Self Released/Dismal Niche 2014 (CDR/Cass/Digital)

Ziggy's Theme - Tapes from the Gates  2015 (Cass/Digital)

Albion Way - Was Ist Das? 2016 (Cass/Digital) 


Family LSD- Last of the Red Hot Lovers [cdr] (foxglove)

golden oaks - autumn testament[cdr] (Digitalis)

golden oaks - paradise [cdr] (Barl Fire)

golden oaks/botos split [cdr] (time-lag)

wooden wand - horus of the horizon [cd] (Three Lobed Recordings)

six organs of admittance - days of blood [cdr] (self released)

sunburned hand of the man - when the shit hits the jazz [cdr] (manhand)

zodiacs - come & gone [cdr] (23 productions)

zodiacs - gone [cd] (holy mountain)

Pantaleimon - Mercy Oceans [cd] (DURTRO/JNANA)

Current 93 - Birth Canal Blues Live [cd & lp] (Coptic Cat)

Current 93 - Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain [cd & lp] (Coptic Cat)

Current 93 - Monohallucinatory Mountain [cd & lp] (Coptic Cat)

Current 93 - Aleph On Docetic Mountain [cd] (Coptic Cat)

Chelsea Light Moving - S/T" [cd/lp] (Matador Records)

Thurston Moore- Sun Gift Earth (cass) Blank Editions

Family LSD/The California Rasins (dbl cass) Hitt Records/Dismal Niche